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30 Days of Grief

  • 30Steps


This is a self-paced program comprised of 30 prompts meant to support you on your Grief Journey. This Program will give you the opportunity to explore different modalities to exploring grief and your relationship with it. Program consists of 30 prompts but can be progressed through at your own pace. Modules will include prompts such as, but not limited to: - Journal/Reflection Points - Breathing Exercises - Meditations - Movement Practices - Sound Vibration - Distance Reiki 30 Days of Grief is designed to add tools to your toolbox - a taste of different modalities which you might find supportive to your own, personal and unique Grief Journey. ** 30 Days to Grief while can be a very supportive program - does NOT replace the support of Medical Professionals. Please reach out to Professionals where and when you require.**

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